A Blessing of the Bicycles


One: O Holy One of All that Moves,

we ask for your blessing on all of your creatures

on wheels and on foot this day,

Many: For those children and youth, siblings and friends, old and young

 One: For those who move on one tire or two

on bicycles, tricycles and unicycles, skateboards and scooters

big wheels and cartwheels, training wheels and wheel chairs

and bicycles built for two.

Many: We ask for your blessing on these bodies and all who walk and ride gently on the earth. Bless us with healthy hearts and minds, limbs and spirits.

 One: We give thanks for wheels and the gift of movement that make us move by our own body power. As we expend our own energy, may we remember to conserve the sacred earth we’ve been gifted with in this our generation.

Many: We ask for blessing upon those whose job it is to make these bikes built for mountain paths or country roads, city lanes or meadow fields.

 One: We remember those places and people in need of clean air, water and soil and honor our role in climate care as we ride on together.

Many: We remember those children around the world who are in need of bikes and safe places to ride them. We ride for them, too, when we climb onto our bikes and do a lap in their honor today. In the name of Our God, Creator of Beauty and Bikes, Heaven and Earth, Amen!

Blessing of the Bicycles by Rev. Laura Fitzpatrick-Nager

First Church, East Haddam, CT

In honor of Earth Week April 17-24th, 2016



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